Circuit Breakers, Power Relays & SSRPCs | Medical Technology

Protecting – switching – monitoring in medical equipment

Circuit breakers and appliance inlet modules for switching and protecting loads

Reliable function of electrical medical equipment and machines is the basic requirement for successful work in the operating rooms, on the wards, but also in the laboratories. Safety and quality must not be compromised. This is particularly true for the protection of devices and machines in the event of overcurrents.

E-T-A’s circuit breakers and appliance inlet modules reliably disconnect hazardous overcurrents. They help to increase the availability and life of medical equipment, and they also reliably protect doctors, nurses and patients against the hazards of overheated devices.

Fast and reliable restart

Inadvertent standstills of machines in medical applications can endanger lives. Compared to blade fuses, E-T-A circuit breakers have the competitive edge that they can quickly and reliably be reset after tripping.

Time-consuming replacement of blown fuses is eliminated. This saves valuable time and is easy on your nerves, because suitable replacement fuses are not always right at hand.

Systematic reduction of components

In order to support Design Engineers with component reduction, E-T-A not only offers resettable breakers and circuit breaker/switch combinations for medical equipment, but also appliance inlet modules.

They combine up to four functions within a single component: an IEC-compliant appliance inlet (C14 or C20), a line filter, a switch and resettable overcurrent protection.
This does not only reduce material planning and inventory costs, but also reduces mounting and installation costs significantly.

Reliable multipole disconnection

Unlike conventional fuses, circuit breakers reliably disconnect live phase conductors from the supply voltage in the event of a failure. This break operation over all poles reliably prevents power accidents.


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