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Tipo: 3500


Single pole thermal-magnetic circuit breaker with tease-free, trip-free, snap action mechanism and two button operation (M-type TM CBE to EN 60934). Featuring a flange for panel mounting, and optional auxiliary contacts and unprotected shunt tap terminal.


Approved to CBE standard EN 60934 (IEC 60934).

Datos técnicos

Datos técnicos

Voltage rating
  • AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
  • DC 65 V
  • UL/CSA: DC 80 V
Current ratings de 0.05 A hasta 16 A  type 3500
de 0.05 A hasta 10 A  type 4000
Number of poles single pole
Mounting method flange
Terminal design blade terminals
solder terminals
screw terminals
Actuation manual release
push button
Auxiliary contacts with auxiliary contacts
without auxiliary contacts
Water splash protection without water splash protection
Illumination without illumination
Typical life 5,000 operations at 2 x IN, resistive

5,000 operations at 1 x IN, inductive
Interrupting capacity Icn 3500:

0.05...0.8 A: self-limiting

1...2 A: 200 A

2.5...16 A: 400 A


0.05...0,2 A: self-limiting

0.3...2 A: 200 A

2.5...10 A: 400 A
Certificates VDE, CSA, UL



  • Automatización
  • Rango de tensión Minus DC 28 V
  • Rango de tensión Minus DC 48 V
  • Rango de tensión Minus DC 72 V
  • Telecomunicaciones