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Type: SBG-E1048-05-V0025


  • Power distribution system on pcb for truck applications
  • 4-layer pcb with 105 /.1m copper, solder resist and printed population

  • with socket for 5 x plug-in type Smart Power Relays (K1 ... K5), remotely controllable with overcurrent and short circuit monitoring type E-1048-8D-...-20A, 4-pole

  • with socket for 5 x thermal automotive circuit breakers (F1 … F5) as a back-up fuse, type 1610-41-25A
  • Protected pole: plus

  • Assignment of any relay to battery + or connected + can be selected via selection of the slot of the back-up fuse, e.g. in socket F1 -30 = battery plus (30) or in F1-15 = connected plus (15)

  • The free slots are occupied by 1610 dummies (5 pcs supplied with product).

  • Starter lock controls mechanical relay (K6) up to 40A 4-pole

  • 2 pairs of diodes V1/V2 and V3/V4 (70V / 0.4A) led to terminals

  • Supply via 2 terminal studs M6 for: battery + (30) vertical cable feed, ground (31) horizontal cable feed

  • max. supply current 80 A

  • Load terminals: spring-loaded terminals up to 6 mm² cable cross section (X1)

  • Control and signal terminals: spring-loaded terminals up to 2.5 mm² cable cross section (X2)

  • Terminal marking with X1.1 … X1.15 / X2.1 … X2.12

  • 5 mounting holes for mounting on pcb with spacers in metal frames

  • Bottom side of pcb protected against condensation

  • Circuit breakers and relays are not included in the delivery scope.


Datos técnicos

Datos técnicos

Tensión nominal máx. 
  • DC +24 V 
Alimentación, corriente nominal máx. 
  • 80 A 
Cargas, forma de conexión 
  • bornes de resorte 
Mounting method 
  • racks 
Circuit breaker type 
  • thermal 





  • Automóviles 
  • Vehículos industriales 
  • Automatización