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Type: Module 17plus


115 mm

Module 17plus is a power distribution system for use with
- E-T-A Circuit Breakers type 2210-S..., 3600-..., 3900-...
- E-T-A Electronic Circuit Breaker ESS20, ESX10
- Solid State Remote Power Conroller E-1048-7...

Each module accommodates two single pole plug-in circuit breakers with an individual housing width of only 12.5 mm and fits onto all industry standard mounting rails.

The two-way modules can be mounted side-by-side to provide as many ways as required with a terminal block fitted at each end. A distribution busbar can be fitted on the supply side of the modules, but each pole of multipole circuit breakers must be individually connected.

 Electrical connections are by means of screwless spring loaded terminals.

Suitable electro-mechanical circuit breakers have integral make and break auxiliary contacts. Depending on the application these may be used for either single or group signalisation. For group signalisation, the make contacts (which open in the event of a fault) are connected in series to the terminal blocks of the modules. The module is designed to accommodate a probe for series connection continuity tests. When multipole circuit breakers are fitted auxiliary contacts are required for each pole.

Single signalisation is achieved through use of the break contacts (which close in the event of failure) connected in parallel by means of terminals on each module.

Both types of signalisation (single and group signalisation) are available at the same time if the circuit breakers used provide auxiliary contacts (please note when ordering).

The signalling circuitry between modules is automatically connected when the modules are mounted side-by-side (linked together).


Datos técnicos

Datos técnicos

Mounting method 
  • DIN rail 
Circuit breaker type 
  • thermal-magnetic 
  • electronics 
Approvals UL 60950



Order numberDescription
SB-S11-P1-01-1-1APuente (jumper)
X 222 005 01-03Barra colectora de señales
01 = azul
02 = rojo
03 = gris
X 222 004 01Ángulo final
X 211 156 01Borne de tornillo
Y 308 792 01Clip de fijación
Y 308 729 01Clip de fijación
Y 307 942 61Etiqueta
Y 307 754 01Clip de fijación
Y 307 016 01/11Barra colectora
Y 300 581 11Clip de fijación de zócalo
Y 302 974 21Klemmfeder



  • Sector de automoción 
  • Industria química, petroquímica y del gas 
  • Técnica de centrales eléctricas DC 24 V 
  • Construcción de máquinas 
  • Industria alimentaria y farmacéutica 
  • Industria siderúrgica 
  • Telecomunicaciones 
  • Power-D-Box 
  • Automatización